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What exactly does NAGA do and how is the company set up?
NAGA is a financial technology company (FinTech) which has developed its own platform with a focus on stock exchange trading, banking and crypto currencies. NAGA employs around 230 people in Hamburg, Limassol, Sarajevo, Shanghai, Lagos, Bangkok, Kiev and Sydney. NAGA is fully regulated and has a securities trading banking license in Cyprus under the umbrella of the European supervision ESMA. In Q1 2021, NAGA will also be regulated by the AFSL in Australia and will therefore also operate an ASIC Market Maker license. The platform has over 750,000 registered users with around 30,000 capitalized accounts.
Which products does NAGA operate?
NAGA operates 2 B2C products: the social trading platform and the neobank NAGA Pay. is the social network for investing. The press likes to call NAGA “the Facebook for the stock market”, because NAGA users can exchange information about current market events (upload posts, like, comment, network of friends, etc.), but can also act as normal like a broker. is the main platform and offers customers to trade over 800 titles. NAGA offers accounts with leverage of up to 1:30 in Europe and up to 1: 1000 outside of Europe. Customers can trade long and short.Fees & Trading FeaturesNAGA`s fee structure is transparent and competitive. What makes NAGA special is the variety of functions. For professional traders there are charts powered by Trading-View, all different order types. The special thing is that NAGA is based on MetaTrader 4/5, so that traders can trade on the web and mobile NAGA app, but can also use the MT4 / MT5 terminal to operate their own strategy and algo trading, for example. All trades are always synchronized across all platforms. NAGA also offers several depots in different currencies per user. Users can create depots in euros, US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, zloty, but also in Bitcoin or Ethereum as the depot currency.Community and extra featuresThe entire platform is designed to connect the community with each other - across the language. NAGA offers the platform in 12 languages ​​and almost any content can be translated into your own language using the built-in translation service. On the one hand, every user has a personal news feed that learns based on trading behavior. Users can upload posts, like them, comment on them and share them. Via the NAGA Messenger, NAGA offers a channel for everything to do with investing and group chats. In addition, there is training in trading with the NAGA Academy. NAGA also offers a built-in crypto wallet, which has securely processed several million crypto transactions since 2018. In addition, there is NAGAx, the in-house crypto exchange which enables NAGA users to use physical crypto currencies in real time NAGA`s flagship: copy tradingThe flagship feature is “NAGA Autocopy”. NAGA has developed its own tool here since 2016, which allows users to copy each other onto their trades. NAGA Autocopy is fully scalable in all regions of the world. For example: So a German user copy the gold trades of an Italian investor and at the same time copy the Bitcoin trades of a trader from Vietnam. Using the NAGA leaderboard, users can find the best investors and filter in which period e.g. Which traders made the most profits for their copiers or which trader was the best in the last month in the field of cryptocurrencies. In addition, every top trader has his own profile where all trades are indexed and the statistics of profits and losses are shown transparently. E.g. It checks how often the trader invests, which assets are mostly traded and which profit ratios are down. Once the desired leader has been identified, the copier can set whether to copy “proportionally” or “fixed per amount”. Proportional means that a percentage is set as to how many percent of the leading trader`s position size should be copied. Simple example: If the copier hires 10% and the leader buys 100 Apple shares, the copier buys 10 shares (10% of 100). If you opt for “fix per amount”, you can e.g. set that every trade with a stake of € 100 should be copied. NAGA Autocopy thus allows every user to build up a dynamic portfolio with just a few clicks, which is managed fully automatically by Top Invest. The copying trader can change the settings or stop copying at any time In the last few months the best investors have generated over € 500,000 for the copiers. This can be proven here:
The mobile banking app “NAGA PAY” has been available on iOS and Android since November 15th. NAGA has combined the entire technological expertise of the past 5 years and launched an app that combines 4 core features, making NAGA PAY probably the most diverse NEO banking app on the market: European IBAN account with connected Card Free deposit which allows trading on 800 markets (short & long) Copy trading account with which you can select and copy the best traders from the app Real and secure crypto wallet with a built-in crypto exchange. Onboarding & bankingEvery NAGA Pay user can create an account within 2 minutes, supported by automatic e-verification through 3 global databases, so an account can be verified directly without video calls. The user receives a European IBAN account from NAGA which fully supports SEPA bank transfers, plus a virtual Card and can directly order a physical NAGA Card (which supports contactless payment), which is usually will be sent within 5 working days. Using the banking function, NAGA users can send funds to other NAGA users in seconds, make SEPA bank transfers or GBP, USD; Exchange EUR directly. In addition, the NAGA Pay user can flexibly make internal transfers, e.g. Move money from the Card to the IBAN account. Crypto wallet and exchangeWith the crypto currency wallet, NAGA Pay users can make direct deposits and withdrawals via the blockchain. NAGA Pay supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cash, Bitcoin Cash, NAGA Coin and USDT. In addition, the NAGA Wallet is directly connected to the in-house NAGAX exchange, which enables NAGA Pay users, e.g. Convert Bitcoin directly and then keep it safe.Stock tradingThe most special feature in NAGA Pay is the “Invest” feature. Here NAGA has virtually simplified the entire brokerage product and integrated it into the app. Users receive a free custody account and can quickly and easily invest in over 800 instruments such as stocks, ETFs, cryptocurrencies, forex or gold / oil. The whole thing is offered with margin accounts. Say NAGA offers users leverage so that more can be traded with the capital. Money can easily be loaded into the deposit from the IBAN or Card account. In addition, you can start the financial market with NAGA Pay using the copy function. So you can choose the best leaders from the NAGA best list on the NAGA.COM platform and copy them directly.
When was NAGA founded?
NAGA was founded in Hamburg in 2015
Where is the headquarters of NAGA?
NAGA employs around 230 people in Hamburg (headquarters), Limassol, Sarajevo, Shanghai, Lagos, Bangkok and Kiev
Is NAGA listed on a German stock exchange?
Yes on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in the Scale segment ISIN: DE000A161NR7 Stock symbol: N4G
Is there an investor relations section?
Yes, all data can be found on
When was the stock market debut?
On July 10, 2017 in Frankfurt
What was the issue price when you went public?
€ 2.60
What was the market capitalization when it went public?
At the time of the IPO there were 20 million no-par shares, at an issue price of € 2.60, or € 52 million. The free float in the share price was only 5% at the time of the IPO.
How many shares were there when the company went public?
20.2 million NAGA shares
Have there been any capital increases?
Yes two: March 2018, of 20 million shares through the contribution of HBSAG, whereby the share capital was increased to around 40.2 million shares June 2020, capital increase of 1.8M shares at a price of € 2.50
What is the current free float?
What is NAGA`s current market capitalization?
€ 120 million
Why has the share fallen from € 14.80 to € 0.50 in the last few years and recovered to €2.60 and how can this high volatility be explained?
NAGA went public 21 months after the company was founded. So it was a very quick and early IPO. In addition, there was a very small free float of only 5%. The FinTech topic was extremely “hot” in 2017 and interest in the share was very high. Speculators therefore let the share explode from € 2.60 to almost € 19.80 in a few days. After the manager magazine title, NAGA is a “fictional company”, the course was downright written down. Thus, NAGA did not build the best reputation at the start. After the capital increase of 20 million shares and the rather slow performance, the NAGA share found itself at around € 4. The one-year lockup expired in the summer of 2018, during which a former member of the Management Board unfortunately threw shares on the market and thus pushed the share down to € 1. The share fell to below € 0.50 in the course of 2019, with a market capitalization of less than € 20 million.
What has changed at NAGA that the share was able to post such a sharp increase in 2020?
The foundation was laid in April 2019. Benjamin Bilski, co-founder of NAGA, was appointed CEO of the main Chinese investor FOSUN and has restructured the entire company from the ground up. In the course of 2019, Bilski consolidated the offer on and put the focus on digital global growth and customer satisfaction. At the end of 2019, NAGA was able to initiate the turnaround, began to grow again and was able to lay the foundation for further growth in 2020. NAGA started Q1 with a record quarter and achieved € 7 million in sales in 3 months than in the previous 16 months combined. An EBITDA of over € 3.3M jumped out, which in turn was invested directly in growth. With the successful capital increase in the summer of around € 4.5M, NAGA managed to raise new growth capital with a valuation of € 100 million. In the course of 2020, NAGA was able to increase its user base by over 50% from quarter to quarter, increase sales six times over the previous year and write profits for the first time.
Is it true that NAGA is one of the best stocks in 2020?
According to “der-Aktionär”, NAGA had the best share in Germany with over 260% growth in the first 100 days. Since the start of the year, the share has shown a performance of over 394%. How high is the turnover at NAGA? For 2020, NAGA is targeting sales of € 22 - € 24 million and would like to show an EBITDA margin of at least 25%. This is an increase in sales of over 500% compared to the previous year 2019.
What are the next goals of NAGA
“We want to become one of the next German unicorns,” says Benjamin Bilski. NAGA is now expanding to Australia, has set up its own brokerage in China and continues to grow strongly. In Q3 there were again record sales, record transactions and records in trading volume on the platform. NAGA Pay will also play a central role in user growth. After five years of intensive development, mastered structural problems, a good cash flow position and in the heyday of FinTech growth, NAGA sees itself extremely well positioned to achieve the great goal of billions in valuation in the future.

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