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  • in one single and simple environment;
  • in one all-encompassing, interconnected solution for finance and investment;
  • in one socially-enchanced financial systemthat gives you more.
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About us

Stock market listed company The NAGA GROUP AG (WKN: A161NR | ISIN: DE000A161NR7 / ticker symbol: N4G) operates one of the worlds most innovative retail investing and trading platforms.
NAGAs focus is to provide consumers and small businesses diect access to capital markets trading. The groups combines extensive expertise in the financial and technology space. The FinTech angleis underlined by the usage of blockchain...
NAGA operates 7 offices across the globe and is driven by a team of 150 professionals.
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We believe </.financial abundance> is for everyone — we look to bridge the gaps of literacy and access, to make financial abundance truly inclusive
Reaching financial abundance
The disciplines:
Financial Literacy: Empowering people to achieve control and confidence in their financial future by equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to manage money effectively and achieve financial goals.
Financial Independence: inspiring people through community to recognizethe true breadth of possibilities before them and providing the access they need to freely grasp them.
Financial Freedom: Enabling people to directly trade, invest and manage their money with an all-in-one platform that caters to their entire financial journey.

<./Better> at creating synergies

From complex to complete; we’ve integrated services, products and features accross trading, investing and community; creating value that’s greater the sum of all our parts.


NAGA Trader

The proprietary platform that gives you all the power of MT4 and MT5 in an easier and more accessible interface.
With 950+ instruments and all the necessary tools, you can trade intuitively and effectively. This is the trading experience you were looking for!

NAGA Autocopy

Making social trading even more enticing! Trade like an expert, no experience needed. Find an Expert Trade and start Autocopying them. This means, you mirror their trading activity and their success.
As for the Expert Traders, the more copiers they get the more commissions they earn.


Where it all comes together. In one seamless and unified experience. In a welcoming virtual environment where you can learn, interact, engage, and be inspired by tens of thousands of other NAGA Traders.

NAGA Exchange

An intuitive exchange platform dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrencies. Trade crypto with ease.

NAGA Wallet

NAGA Wallet: This way to the crypto world. Store and transfer your crypto and fiat assets. Easily and securely. Transfer money to your trading accounts and back effortlessly. Enhance your experience now.

NAGA Stocks

Find 400+ companies to invest in! Be part of the brands you believe in as a shareholder. Enjoy all of the benefits like dividends and voting rights.
All this, with zero commissions and no hidden fees.
Your money is going only toward your investment!


What connects your trading activity and assets to the real world. Transfer your assets from your trading accounts to your NAGA Card instantly. Yes, INSTANTLY! And use them anyway and anywhere you want.

NAGA Messenger

Taking social to the next level! The world’s first trading messenger. Take part in global discussions, share views and opinions, connect with other traders, anywhere anytime.


Benjamin Bilski
Founder & CEO/Spokesman of the Board
  • Founder of NAGA
  • Forbes 30 under 30 Europe
  • +12 Years experience across eCommerce/FinTech
  • Product & Technology
  • Online Marketing
  • Investor Relations
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Michalis Mylonas
Board Member/CEO NAGA Markets
  • Entrepreneur and Corporate Lawyer
  • +15 years experience in the finance industry
  • Regulatory matters
  • Partnerships/B2B
  • Finances
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Andreas Luecke
Board Member/Head of Legal
  • Former Partner E&Y
  • + 25 Years Professional Experience
  • Group Taxation & Audit
  • Legal affairs
  • Group level accounting
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George Stylianou
COO NAGA Markets
  • Ex-FXTM Director
  • + 15yrs experience in the Forex & FinTech industry
  • Daily Operations
  • Support
  • Sales
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Socrates Fekkas
Director NAGA Markets
  • Ex-Director Exness
  • +10 yrs industry experience
  • Regulatory Body (CySec)
  • Compliance
  • Risk
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    Share The NAGA Group AG
    WKN A161NR
    ISIN DE000A161NR7
    Ticker symbol N4G
    Sector Financial sector
    Registered location Hohe Bleichen 12, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
    Date of market entry 10th July 2017
    Market segment Scale
    Transparency level Open market
    Class of shares Common share (Stammaktien)
    Number of shares 42.049.903
    Amount of nominal capital 42.049.903 EUR
    Designated sponsor Oddo Seydler Bank AG
    Paying agent Bankhaus Neelmeyer AG
    Specialist Wolfgang Steubing AG
NAGA is not just
Not just a social investment platform. Not just a broker. Not just a crypto exchange.
NAGA is all of these and so much more.
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