Who we are

Founded in 2015, we are a Fintech company aimed at revolutionizing the world through decentralizing financial technology and providing access to the best market tools for everyone across the globe. Our team works tirelessly to provide the technology, resources, and support for every trader that needs to make confident trading decisions.

Our vision

Our vision is straightforward and universal: financial inclusion for everyone. With the ecosystem of innovative ventures, NAGA allows everyone to access, store, trade and invest in financial markets, cryptocurrencies, and virtual goods. We strive to develop the financial technology industry and constantly aim to be a leading trusted, secure and the most advanced social investing network.

Amongst the Top 50 ICOs of All Time

NAGA Group AG has successfully IPO’d in 2017 and has lead the world’s 18th largest token sale, with more than 63,000 subscribers, reaching >$50 million just a few months after the company’s debut on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.


NAGA offers a place for traders to interact with like-minded peers, discuss current market conditions and results through your choice of personal, group or public chats.

All-in-one Account

NAGA’s users are able to invest in over 800 markets, including cryptocurrencies, indices, forex, commodities, and more. They benefit from NAGA’s social trading tools, their own NAGA Card as well as the ability to trade real cryptos and have their own wallet on NAGAX.

The NAGA story

In just a few years, we were able to develop a leading social investing network with over 500,000 accounts, top trading tools and constant product additions to provide the greatest user-experience on the market. Scroll through our story and discover what we have been up to.

Introducing NAGA
Yasin Qureshi and Benjamin Bilski are founding NAGA with an aim to decentralize financial technology and provide access to the best market tools for everyone across the globe. NAGA presents its groundbreaking social trading application, NAGA Trader, for the first time.
Local Investment & First Award
NAGA is able to secure a major funding round by one of the oldest private banks in Germany — Hauck & Aufhäuser. Swipestox (now NAGA Trader) introduces its revolutionary feature — Copy Trading, letting users copy the trades of the trading experts around the globe and secures its first significant “Finovate Best of Show” award in London.
Start of real-money trading
Swipestox (now NAGA Trader) along with NAGA Markets brokerage record the first real-money transaction.
Major Joint Venture
Switex (now NAGA Virtual) enters a joint venture with Deutsche Boerse, an international exchange organization and innovative market infrastructure provider.
Major International Funding
NAGA partners with one of China`s largest investment conglomerates — FOSUN International Ltd, and scores its Series A funding round of $14M.
IPO and N4G Share Listing
NAGA Group AG sees a successful and fastest IPO in Germany along with the NAGA stock (N4G) listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Later identified as the most successful IPO 2017, N4G reached a ROI of 260% based on the issuing price.
Amongst the top 50 ICOs of all time
63,000+ backers participate in the token sale contributing towards more than 50 million USD being raised, shattering the project’s original target goal of 30 million USD for the NAGA Coin (NGC).
International Recognition
NAGA’s Founder and Executive Director, Benjamin Bilski, is added to the Forbes 30 under 30: Technology list, making him one of the brightest young entrepreneurs who are disrupting the technology industry.
NAGA Wallet Launch
A cutting-edge cryptocurrency wallet is launched supporting major crypto and all ERC-20 tokens while users can send coins and tokens directly to their contacts through their email address.
Gaming Items CFD Launch
NAGA Trader becomes the first trading platform to introduce gaming items as trading instruments from NAGA Virtual (ex. Switex).
Introducing NAGAX
NAGA’s own digital asset exchange is deployed for beta testing with 0% trading fees. NAGA Exchange offers fiat and major crypto pairs, 8-tier fee model, and supports more than 10 million transactions per second.
NAGA Card & IBAN Launch
Users can now manage their funds and pay with trading profits from NAGA Trader everywhere with the free NAGA Card and personal IBAN for SEPA transactions.
Our Mission

Innovation is in our DNA. We aim to continuously refine our services to cater for the needs of traders. Whether it is increasing our asset offering to include the latest tradeable assets or adding a new social feature to our platform – we will never stop innovating. We constantly set out new goals and challenges to develop and expand and our network of products.

Meet the NAGA team!
Benjamin Bilski
Benjamin Bilski
Group Founder & CEO
Andreas Luecke
Andreas Luecke
Director NAGA AG; Head of Legal
Michael Milonas
Michael Milonas
CEO NAGA Markets

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